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PM2.5 in China (Beijing), the cause and countermeasure


During the period of the most serious “red alert” on December/2015, I went to Beijing in China. I will report the situation about PM2.5 in China.

This is the picture on Dec/2015. Red alert day in Beijing.



This time, I asked to my seven Chinese acquaintances living in Beijing “What is the main cause of this air pollution? And, how are the counter-measures?” I will share the information.


What do you think the main cause of PM2.5?

As you know, there are various opinions, what is the truth? Opinions of 7 Chinese acquaintances who are living in Beijing are as follows:

“Smoke going out from the factory”

“Influence of the domestic heating to use in winter”

“Nobody knows it.”

On the other hand, the article of the Japanese newspaper is;

“The cause is a factory and domestic heating by using the coal.”

This is the same understanding between the Chinese local people and the Japanese newspaper.

What is the personal counter-measure against PM2.5?

When I walked in the Beijing city at the time of the “Red alert” day, a lot of Chinese people wore a mask. The percentage of the people wore the mask is approximately same as “The percentage of the people who wear a mask in the Japanese subway in winter” So, I felt so much people in Beijing wear a mask.

And one Chinese man recommended me to wear a special mask for PM2.5 measures. It has the function that a nose and a mouth could completely block up the gap of the perfection.

Made in Japan

And he said a mask made in Japan (Maker name is “3M”) are so much popular in China. Because it is high-performance.

Prioritized on the healh

In addition, many young women wearing an another type of mask such as protection of the mist of the nose. A nose mist mask has a filter for smoke measures in front of the a nose. This type of mask is not good visually. But, I think many Chinese women prioritize on their health than visual.

By the way, among seven acquaintances (All men between 20 and 30), only one men wore a mask.


Conclusion: After all, counter-measure is only one. Wear a mask!



I place a picture in the Beijing city of New Year holidays in 2016 that an acquaintance sent to me.


It was a clear sky in Beijing, I relived I knew there is such a day in Beijing.

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